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I don’t really love soup. My stomach doesn’t really acknowledge it as food. Tasty beverage, sure! But food, not so much. Bead soup however, is AWESOME.

Bedrock Supply's Bead Soup bin. This bin is perfect for the do-it yourself who is just starting out or for the more experienced looking for inspiration.

Here in Edmonton there is a Bead (and so much more) supply store that has bins for the bits and pieces that accrue over time. Bedrock Supply calls my favorite bin “Semi-Precious Bead Soup.”

Remember how digging in the sand felt as a kid? It was all about the unexpected and the possibility of what could be at the bottom. The sensible part of you knew that you would not find anything – but really, who listened to that! There was treasure to be found and you were going to be the one to find it! Bead soup inspires that same sense of wonder and discovery with every handful of beads that are dug up.

The contents of a 2x2inch bag filled from Bedrock Supply's Bead Soup bin.Bedrock sells the beads from Bead Soup bin in 2×2 inch bags, whatever you can fit into this bag is yours to take home for only $10. The photo to the left is what I found on my visit yesterday. As you can see there is so much variety in what I was able to bring home with me. There is always a really great mix of large and small beads to choose from and in a wide range of colors and cuts.

One of the best things about Bead Soup is that it gives a do-it-yourself-er an opportunity to experiment and discover without the costs and commitment of a full 16 inch strand of semi precious beads. As a new hobbyist I was intimidated by buying full strands of beads, especially as they can range in price between as little as $10 to more than $180. Between the potential cost and the sheer number of beads, I often did not even know where to start. The much less intimidating investment of $10 for a wide variety of colors and textures allows for a range of potential projects to develop at a much lower cost and commitment level.
Unfortunately, Bead Soup is only a relatively new discovery for me and I only wish I had known about Bead Soup earlier! The great thing is that I have had the opportunity to introduce others to this awesome opportunity. I have even seen a few pieces develop out of these field trips with friends and family, including a few I am creating for others.

At the end of the day digging through Bead Soup at Bedrock Supply is fun! But if you are looking for inspiration or a place to start a jewelry creation of your own, and live in the Edmonton Area, I highly encourage you to visit this great shop for inspiration and supplies.

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