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I recently had the opportunity to create an entire collection of pieces for a Wedding. I cannot say how happy I am with how it all turned out!

LST_CiaraWedding-6Ciara is bright, funny, compassionate, and full of life; on top of being an amazing Mom to a great 7-year-old. I wanted to give her something that would reflect her bright and quirky personality on her wedding day. What we came up with were headpieces forming flexible flowered branches that had a longer handle that could be bent or twisted to assist her affixing the three branches in her hair. One of the challenges I soon encountered was with the little flowers within the arrangement, it turns out that the weight of this cluster of freshwater pearls required a much thicker wire than what I would typically use for the wrap. However, after playing a bit I discovered that using a heavier gauge wire as the core of the branch was enough to give it the stability it needed to stand up. The mix of black freshwater pearls and crystals wrapped within the titanium wire is a lovely combination. The titanium adds a subtle lightness to the branches without drawing attention away from the pearls. Each branch is also a little different from the next, adding character and personality to the cluster of branches.

LST_CiaraWedding-2Ciara also asked me to create 2 anklets, one for her Mom and one for her Maid-of-honor. Ciara’s Mom is bright, vivacious, and outgoing and loves a little sparkle. To reflect these qualities I used crystals with rich and varied colors, when combined the effect is spectacular! I have to admit that this might be my favorite piece of the entire series.

LST_CiaraWedding-1As a contrast, Ciara’s Maid-of-honor is a little more understated. She does not really love a lot of sparkle (a nice challenge for me because I do) and her favorite color is blue. The day before I created this piece I had actually gone to a rock and gemstone show here in Edmonton and picked up the blue faced aquamarine. I did not get it with this piece in mind but it works so nicely with the wrapped sodalite chips and the black freshwater pearls and was the inspiration for the anklet. Wrapping the sodalite added a lovely sense of movement and drama that I hope she will enjoy.

LST_CiaraWedding-5I really wanted to have a sense of connection and continuity for all of the jewelry, to give this amazing collection of people a sense of connection through the jewelry on this special day. Since the black freshwater pearls were such a huge element in Ciara’s headpiece, I wanted to keep this element within all the other pieces while making them stand on their own as individual pieces. As I was wiring the last of the headpieces for Ciara, I had a flash of inspiration to create a single mini headpiece for Ciara’s daughter. The really fun part of this piece is that it is a reflection of her Mothers and Grandmother’s jewelry as well. I used the crystals from her Grandmother’s anklet and the pearls and style of her Mother’s headpiece. I love how this turned out!LST_CiaraWedding-11

LST_CiaraWedding-9Finally (solely for myself) I created the earrings. Ciara has stretched earlobes so these will not work for her, but once I thought of them I just needed to create them.

I truly hope that Ciara and her family enjoy these pieces for years to come!

Come visit me on Etsy or on my Facebook Page or even send me a message if you are interested in a custom piece yourself. I would love to hear from you!