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One of the fascinating parts of making jewelry for me is how you can take a handful of raw materials and make something incredible. When I started making jewelry I, like many, started out with a lot of component pieces for the wire elements. Buying premade specific parts like headpins are a great way to learn how to build up any necklace, pendant or earring. As I gained experience, I wanted to be able to create these basic elements myself and graduated to purchasing spools of wire and shaping the spools of wire into the same kinds of metal elements myself. I love doing this hands on (sometimes tedious) stuff myself.

As my skill making the basic parts increased, I started moving towards wrapping stones and bringing these into the necklaces and earrings I created. Then about 6 months ago I was introduced to a whole other type of wire wrapping that is almost sculptural. I have shown you a few of these experiments here on the blog (Snowflakes and a Pearl Wedding Headpiece) and the Look Shiny Things page on Facebook. The Facebook page can be fun to follow as a lot of the raw and even unfinished experiments are posted there first (I feel bad posting poor photos here).

I finally feel ready to show you a bit of my collection of Pearl wire wrapped items here on the blog. Keep in mind, one of the challenges with these sculptural pieces is that they have a certain time commitment to them. The pendant necklaces take a minimum of 2 hours an item. Therefore, experimentation takes time. I also wanted to be able to make these safe for as many people as possible to wear from an allergy perspective. I have some pretty “fun” allergies myself and if I cannot wear a necklace or earrings I’ve made, makes any piece of jewelry much more fun. When |I can make a necklace that I can wear, it is a lot more fun for me and, therefore, more motivating to create items even if I never wear them.

Finding Titanium wire was a great moment for me. Titanium is naturally hypo-allergenic, but to be certain I gave a pearl necklace made of titanium wire and a stainless steel chain to my sister. My sister E has a worse nickel allergy than I do, and she can wear this combination without any issues!

Many of the necklaces or earrings pictured here can be crafted in a variety of metals and even Pearl colors. Once I have any variations photographed, I will be sure to share them!