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It was a snow day for myself and my husband today and I spent a little time playing. I love it when I am able to take an idea and reinvent it. I have had these Rose colored Muscovite beads in a partially complete necklace for ages.  I had intended to make the beads into a key piece but it was just not coming together. I could not get the look right, the basic idea was there, but it just needed more.

Close-up of the wired "stained glass" effect branch on the incomplete pink Muscovite Branch necklace.

Close-up of the wired “stained glass” effect branch on the incomplete pink Muscovite Branch necklace.

A few weeks ago I had an idea of exchanging a key charm for a branch charm, just for a different look. Once I found the right charm for it to work, I realized that I could also wire crystals into the leaves to create additional dimension. As a bonus! I am able to connect two of my favorite pieces – my key necklaces and my stained glass earrings!

Incomplete "stained glass" pink Muscovite Branch necklace.

Incomplete “stained glass” pink Muscovite Branch necklace.

One of the reasons I could not complete the Muscovite and key necklace on my first try, was that the Muscovite is so multi dimensional. The rose pink is the predominant color, but there is also a silvery sparkle, coppers, blacks and even subtle blues within the stones. There was no way to bring out the full spectrum of colors and sparkle within the Muscovite. Adding the additional crystals to the leaves of the branch charm allows these additional colors and dimensions to be highlighted through the branch charm. I love how this has turned out! It isn’t even completely finished, I just love it so much I had to share it with you!

I hope you love it too.