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There is such a great community of artisans on the Internet sharing their work. Seeing what others are creating is fantastic as it can fuel and ignite my own ideas. Lately, I have been inspired by really wonderful pieces that use very fine wire to weave beads on to and within another larger shape.

Using a frame to wire the beads within, or even on allows an almost infinite set of combinations. It also looked so fun that I decided to try my own hand at this technique. I started working with a leaf and branch charm that is a part of a necklace that I only rarely wear. It needs a little more color, and a few details to lead from the chain to the charm to enhance the colors in the fall colors reflected by the beads.

wire framing beads within a charm of wire frame

Necklace in progress, a first attempt at a new technique.

I really wanted to try something else with this technique. I have these great pieces of chain that I got as a role end. There was not really enough to make a necklace with but the bigger geometric shapes were linked by much smaller and easy to open pieces. I removed all of the smaller connectors and now have these fantastic wire frames that I have used on a variety of projects – including this one. I now buy the chain and immediately split them into individual links.

look Shiny Things earring charms on an incomplete set.

Individual chain links with beads wired into the frame. These will be earrings soon.

I hope you enjoy too!
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