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“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.” – Steve Jobs

Preview of some of the designed yet unfinished pieces of the last 2 days.

I love making jewelry. I am lucky to have I have found something to do that I love so much and that I can share with others. A couple of weeks ago I shared my Weekend Project Preview with you. Very few of the necklaces were completed, I had spent so much time creating I ran out of time to complete all of the finishing details.

The main oval stone is a lovely translucent and veined cobalt blue that is clouded with small imperfections that add interest to the body of the stone. The cobalt crystal helps to pull more of the blue out of the stone, while the red and black crystals add contrast and depth to the piece.

Finishing details include clasps and connectors are not only practical but can also change the tone or add some fun to a piece of jewelry. These finishing details are also often little things that only the person who owns the necklace will see because they are typically on the back of the necklace. The only downside to these details is that they take time to complete in a way that makes them pretty. Even though they take extra effort, I like adding them. To me, it is about showing my audience that I care, that the details are important to me – important enough to extra time to add little things to make that piece of jewelry better for the wearer. Enjoying spending time and effort on these little things becomes a direct manifestation of loving what I do. I hope you enjoy these details as much as I do!

Enjoy! Kathy.

See these necklaces before they were complete!

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