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Preview! This pendant is a great combination of colors and shapes with the lapis oval stone, jasper sphere and the orange and green crystals.

Preview – blue, green, orange – what more could you ask?

This weekend turned out to be a creative one! I have about 8-10 pieces (mostly necklaces) in differing levels of completion. Rather than making you wait for them all to be finished, I thought I’d give you a peek at a few of the incomplete and a few of the completed ones too!

Preview of some of the designed yet unfinished pieces of the last 2 days.

Preview of some of the designed yet unfinished pieces of the last 2 days.

Most of these are completed designs, but require some finishing details. They may or may not be completed today as there are a few more ideas lingering in my brain.

This dreamy combination of purples and greens captures light and attention though the contrasting colors of the differently shaped crystals.

Earrings: $17.50 Titanium hook wire.


On another note, this is Look Shiny Things 30th post and I want to say THANK-YOU for all of the fabulous support I have received in this adventure of mine.

The main oval stone is a lovely translucent and veined cobalt blue that is clouded with small imperfections that add interest to the body of the stone. The cobalt crystal helps to pull more of the blue out of the stone, while the red and black crystals add contrast and depth to the piece.

Pendant Necklace: $40.00

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