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Earrings are always so much FUN! They are infinitely different and can convey mood, style, fun, flirtatiousness, even sorrow – virtually anything. Long and dangled, silly or elegant, even something as simple as studs can make a statement about mood and style. When I started making jewelry, it was purely to please myself. The truly funny part is that I did not make that many earrings – even though I love them! I really only made earrings to complement the necklaces I made.

How short sighted I was! I had forgotten how much fun it is to just have earrings that stand on their own, making an independent statement! Contrast can be just as much fun as compliment, and once I started making earrings with their own independent style I just couldn’t stop!

I hope you enjoy this latest selection of items as much as I do! But trust me, I am not finished finding new earring looks just yet!

Let me know if you see something you like and remember to mention if you have a metal allergy!

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