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Did you know Turquoise comes in more colors than just turquoise? It turns out that the stone Turquoise can be found in just about any color you are looking for! To be fair this is mostly through dyes that are applied to specific types of Turquoise and other stones to make it appear in bright and vibrant colors.

Like many semi-precious stones there are many “varieties” available for Turquoise varying from plastic and resins to other high quality stones dyed to match the bright vibrant blue that true Turquoise is known for. However it is important to note that even true pure Turquoise can be blue or green with a variety of other colors patterned within the stone and is also sometimes dyed to make the stones darker. For a really great guide on Turquoise and it’s properties, as well as some of the alternative options available, Fire Mountain Gems has a really great page on the subject.

This deep blue "Turquoise" necklace is made of 13x18mm stones with 4mm black and clear crystals to bring out the light and dark veins running through the stones. The stones are complimented by a bright copper chain and and a nickel key, custom wrapped in copper wire hung off set within the necklace.

Bright copper and “Turquoise” necklace – $60.00, please message me through the contact page for purchase inquiries

Keep in mind that just because stones in a necklace like this are not a pure version of a semi-precious stone, it does not make it bad unless you are deceived or mislead by the seller in a way that causes you harm. Sometimes it is okay to wear a fake or a costume version of what might otherwise be a very expensive stone.  There are a whole host of reasons why this can be beneficial.

I learned a lot about Turquoise to write this blog and to be honest I did not know that these stones might not be true Turquoise when I purchased them. Am I upset about this – NOPE! For me these stones were not as much about the type of stone, as they are about the color. I love this blue!

This lovely “turquoise” piece is a really deep and vibrant blue (closer in color to a Lapis Lazuli, though without the lovely shimmer) than a Turquoise found raw in nature would be. Set against the bright copper chain, the blue of the stones is beautifully complemented and the black and clear spacer 4mm crystals add a great element of sparkle and definition to the necklace as they assist to bring out the light and dark veins of color within the rectangular (13x18mm) stones.

Whatever this stone is I hope you enjoy this necklace as much as I do!

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