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Join Look Shiny Things at the ARTS Animal Rescue Hoedown on June 21 from 11-4!

Look Shiny Things at the ARTS Animal Rescue Hoedown

Symon Watton, 2 year old Tuxedo Cat.

Symon – better known as our Plutonium Kitten

This is Look Shiny Things first public event and I am so proud to be a part of this event! My husband and I are owned by 4 cats, and 3 of these are rescues. Our youngest was actually saved and adopted by a group connected to this organization. Symon’s mom was a stray at the city pound, sick, very pregnant and very young when the rescue division of Calico Hills Kitty Lodge saved this pretty tortoiseshell girl, later named Aurora. Aurora was then fostered out and gave birth to 4 kittens, all of whom were sick right from birth. Sadly, only Symon and one other brother survived. However, even this would not have been possible with out the time, money, love and volunteers that took the time and the energy into SAVING 1 pregnant stray.

Supporting organizations like ARTS and the smaller organizations connected or like to them is really important. They are often run on love and monitary fumes – take a look at the furred, feathered, scaled, or other animal(s) you love and think about your life without them. Think about how much you value them and then think about how much you would want someone to save them if you had never found them or if something were to happen to you. Then come on out to an awesome afternoon and have some FUN in support of a great organization.

Entrance is free, pets are welcome and if you are looking to adopt, organizations and animals will be there happy to assist you find one another!

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