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Once I decided to take my hobby and make it something bigger I knew I needed to create some kind of visual identity to identify the Look Shiny Things Brand. Easy to say right? Not as easy to do. I have mentioned that I have a group of unbelievably talented siblings previously. Now I have an opportunity to show the world what my youngest sister can do. Susannah just graduated from University with a design degree an some of the best money I have ever spent was asking her to design my business cards! I was able to tell her about a pretty basic idea of a tree sweeping across the card above the “look shiny things” text and just LOOK at what she has created! Aren’t they amazing! 20140601-214104-78064593.jpg Even though I work for a company that designs real estate websites I am not a designer. I am really okay with this, and seeing the time and energy these designers put into our clients websites has allowed me a special appreciation for the people who do possess this type of talent. Having had an experience working with a designer for something for myself has only increased my appreciation for this type of talent! I love these cards! And hope you do too! Kathy