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I have had a long term love of earrings, jewelry and shiny and sparkly items. My best friend and I even created our own earring club out of a mutual envy of each others earrings. In truth this was more about giving each other shiny, sparkly stuff than anything else. Though if I am honest, there was also a small element of eliminating envy through mutual gifting once a month.

We only discontinued this practice once our collections were so large that it would take us several months to wear each pair we own only once. (Even that didn’t really stop us.) So when we both ended up with extended periods of unemployment and needed something to do, we both ended up working with beads. This said we have very different styles, she does not usually use chain and I almost always do. Each if us finds our respective styles very natural, and the other persons work beautiful but not something we could replicate ourselves with ease.

Commission Set, Swaovrski Crystals, Czech Fire Beads, Earrings, LookShinyThings.com,

Commissioned Earrings by Kathy Watton

What I did not realize until the last couple of weeks how much fun it is to make stand alone earrings. I have always focused on necklaces, with earrings to accompany them. This focus made the earrings after thoughts for the most part, important but certainly not my focus for the design.

I have been commissioned to create a bracelet and earring set to accompany a preexisting necklace for a wedding this summer. When the client and I went shopping for the stones to use in the piece, we found some great pieces of Tourmalinated quartz and Amethyst, but I was unsure how to incorporate the bright and bold purple so that the focus would not be drawn away from her face. However, as soon as I started to focus on the earrings first I was able to begin to bring it together. This inspiration has inspired a week of earring designs that have been such fun to create.

I hope you enjoy!! Kathy


LookShinyThings.com, Earrings, Swarovski Crystals, Czech Fire Beads

Various Earring sets made by Kathy Watton for LookShinyThings.com

LookShinyThings.com, Glass Beads, Czech Fire Beads, Swarovski Crystals, Earrings

Custom Earrings by Kathy Watton

Earrings, LookShinyThings.com, Swarovski Crystals, Czech Fire Beads

Custom Earrings by Kathy Watton